When it Makes Sense to Hire a Lawyer, Instead of a Real Estate Agent, When Buying or Selling a House

For most people purchasing or selling a home in the state of Washington, hiring an agent makes a lot of sense. For a seller, a listing agent will market your home, seek out the best price and advise you on the offers you receive. For a buyer, an agent will put in the work to find you a home within your budget, in the area you want, and help prepare a competitive offer if necessary. However, for a lot of people buying or selling a house, an agent is expensive and unnecessary. Hiring an experienced real estate lawyer to handle the purchase and sale of a residential home may be the way to go.

Earnest Money: A Practical Look at What it is and What to do When the Deal Falls Through

With so many first-time home buyers in the Seattle area these days, we get lots of questions regarding earnest money deposits: What is earnest money? How much should I put down? Can I get it back if the deal falls through? Below you’ll find answers to these questions, as well as a brief guide in the event you’ve found yourself in a dispute over earnest money. Whether you are the buyer or the seller, we are here to help.