Business Law

We, as a law firm, represent small businesses as your general counsel. If you look at any large commercial corporation they have lawyers down the hall employed directly by the corporation. As a small business, this is cost prohibitive and it would be unrealistic for you to hire full-time attorneys. We are your general counsel attorney and provide legal advice and strategic forethought for any situation that may arise.

Whether you are just starting out your business and want to ensure your corporate bylaws adequately protect you and a business partner or you are concerned about a new lease, law for negotiation of contracts, have an employee you need to fire, or any other type of issue that arises, we are there for you. While we prefer to first meet a client who is being proactive before a problem arises, we are also happy to help when you need a lawyer to solve an urgent legal problem.

Our philosophy is to practice in a way that saves you money. We do that by being your general counsel and hiring specialized expertise only when needed. For example, if you are in the telecom industry, you have particular needs dealing with the laws governing FCC in addition to the standard small business law issues that arise whether you are in telecom or auto sales. While we are not an experts at dealing with the FCC, it is also unlikely that the guy who knows the FCC is well versed in all other areas of law. What we do is advise and help you with the general areas of law, as well as act as a liaison between you and the expensive specialist who charges you a fortune. This saves your business and a lot of money!

Please contact us if you are planning to start a business, want general advice, or have an urgent legal need.


We find it frustrating when we look at a website and it doesn’t provide the cost of hiring the company. Of course, it is hard to estimate what your legal needs are without discussing with you in detail what you need.

That said, we can bill hourly, flat-fee, or “on retainer”. If we bill hourly, our standard billing rate is $295 an hour, rounded to the 1/10th of the hour. An advanced fee deposit is usually required; any unused portion is fully refundable.

Flat-fee work allows us to negotiate a price for a particular service. This allows you, the customer, to know exactly how much a service is going to cost ahead of time. We particularly like working this way over hourly billing when the situation fits.

On-Retainer allows you to purchase a monthly block of our time on an ongoing basis. Once we get to know one another and develop a relationship, it is often very advantageous for the client to be able to pick up the phone and call any time a minor question comes up without worrying about the cost. As part of this service we can really get to know you and your business which allows for the highest quality representation and is the most comparable to having your attorney down the hall. We are virtually down the hall, available by cell phone or email, just as if we were your in-house general counsel.