Real Estate Transactions

At Moultray & McMahon we represent people involved in real estate transactions. Whether buying, selling or leasing property in Washington state, our years of experience is vital to the success of your transaction.

We prefer to be involved as early on as possible during the transaction for forming an agreement to avoid later disputes/disagreements that wind up costing clients money additional to the purchase or the sale.

Considering buying or selling a home without a real estate agent?

Would you feel more comfortable having an attorney review all of your contract documents before purchasing a home from the seller in the state of Washington?

Give us a call before you sign any purchase and sale agreement. For a very reasonable fee we can draft a purchase and sale agreement or review one that has been presented to you. The typical fee for a residential purchase and sale agreement with addendums is only $1250 and we’ll be there to answer any questions you have from the time we meet until your purchase is closed.

We also handle complicated transactions/closings and commercial real estate issues at reasonable rates. Give us a call today and we can provide an estimate of what it would cost to handle your transaction as a buyer.

We also advise on other matters relating to titles, mortgages, sales, excise taxes, closing, etc. Real estate disputes--including disputes over earnest money--is yet another aspect of real estate law we are well versed in.

If you need help with a real-estate transaction, don’t hesitate to give us a call.